Plugin documentation


Roowifi is a wifi interface which allows to control your roomba.

The following interfaces are supported :

  • roowifi
  • roowifi v2


  • Python library urllib
  • Python library urllib2
  • Python library socket
  • Python library json

How to plug

Simply plug the interface into your roomba. .. image:: roowifi.png

Setup wifi connection. ( Ensure domogik server is able to ping your roomba.

Plugin configuration


In Domogik administration, go to the roowifi configuration page.


Creating devices for roowifi

In administration, go to Organization > Devices page to create your devices.


note : when i write those lines, roomba usage is not yet done, so choose another one... +——————–+——————-+——————————————————————————————–+ | Example | Key | Description | +====================+===================+============================================================================================+ | | Name | The name you want to give to the device. | | +——————-+——————————————————————————————–+ | | Address | you have to report here, the adress you put in plugin configuratin page | | See | | | | Picture +——————-+——————————————————————————————–+ | | Feature | roowifi.roomba | | +——————-+——————————————————————————————–+ | | Usage | chose roomba usage | | +——————-+——————————————————————————————–+ | | Description | Whatever you want | | +——————-+——————————————————————————————–+ | | Reference | Whatever you want | +——————–+——————-+——————————————————————————————–+

Start the plugin

You can now start the plugin (start button).

Configure the features widgets on Domoweb

You can now place widgets on Domoweb main page. .. image:: placeelement.png

Then choose your roomba on the left, a list of 6 features will appear.

..Docker : will display docker status :
  • charging when roomba is docking and charging
  • waiting when roomba is out
  • can also report charging error...etc

..Battery temperature ..Battery level, in % ..dock order roomba to docking, immediately ..clean will alternatively run clean and dock command. After running clean command, roomba should dock itself. ..Max will alternatively run max and dock command, max command mean roomba only stop runnnig when out of battery, without docking it self.

For advanced users

This plugin can read 19 roomba sensors, but to avoid database grow, and because only some of them are usefully, xpl-stat message was restrict to some sensors. If you want more sensors xpl-stat message simply uncomment line in bin/, under _send_probe funtion.